Friday, 29 April 2011

Photo: "Step Into The River"

I love photographing water. The transient nature of the waves, ebbing and flowing and always changing fascinates me and captures my imagination. This is one of my personal favourites - particularly as it shows the reflection of 3 people who were gazing down at the water from the top of the steps. Photo taken April 2011
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Photo: Misty Gothic Church at night

Third in the series of St Nicholas Church. This time I applied a tinting process to bring out the colour of the twilit night sky and then I applied a light misting process for a "smoky" effect.
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Photo: Architectural High Street 1

Architecture fascinates me, especially the preservation of older buildings and recording them for posterity. This facade is atop one of the stores in my local High Street.
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Photo: Gothic Church - 1920's Process

Another view of St Nicholas Church, this time taken from the front and with a 1920's process added to artificially "age" the photo.
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Photo: St Nicholas Church at night

This is a picture of my local church at night. I have used a 1960's process to make the image a little more grainy than usual.
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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Why I love Finnish Metal

I love Metal. I mean I really really love it. Of course there are many other genres of music that I listen to as well, but metal is what I call home. It evokes a kind of passion that I personally dont think can be found in any other musical style.  I have found most metal fans and practitioners to be amongst some of the most erudite, passionate, literate, well read, easy-going, and unusually compassionate people I have ever met. There have been some absolute A-Holes along the way as well of course, but luckily these have been very much in the minority.  Metallers are usually willing to at least listen to other musical styles, even if they then decide that particular music style is not for them, they will at least give it a fair crack of the whip first and not too many other musical genres seem to be able influence their fans to do that.

Now onto what this post is actually about:  There seem to be some countries where metal is more a way of life than in others, and I believe Finland very much is top of that list. Finland CONSISTENTLY produces Metal bands of every genre that are extremely dedicated to taking the message of excellent metal as far across the globe as they possibly can.  It makes me very happy indeed that Finland is being recognised more and more as the premiere world producer of excellent quality metal. To this effect I have decided to go "on the record" and list here some of my favourite Finnish bands in the hopes that you will be able to take the time to give them a fair play, even if you are not a fan of metal normally - you never know - you may end up liking some of them at least! These are my "go to" bands when I am writing poetry, painting, when my pain is bad, when I am upset, when I am happy is pretty much safe to say that these bands have had a HUGE influence on my life. Have a listen - you may just be able to figure out a little more about me! Enjoy:

Amoral, Finntroll, HIM (Obviously - see my other posts about this incredible band), Children Of Bodom, Killer Aspect, Matthau Mikojau, Iconcrash, Vakivaltainen, Nightwish, Poisonblack, Two Witches, Moonmadness, Moonsorrow, Negative, Impaled Nazarene, Elenium, Hanoi Rocks (& Mike Monroe and his new band), Unshine, To/Die/For, Verjnuarmu, Sentenced, Profane Omen, Spiritus Mortis, Turisas, National, Insomnium, Malpractice, Havoc Unit, Korpiklaani (wonderful mix of metal and folk), Shape of Despair, Heraamis Prosessi, The 69 Eyes, Silentium (previously "Funeral"), Vartiina, Tehosekoitin, Sarcofagus (and the fabulous Kimmo Kuusniemi), Turmion Katilot, Sonata Arctica, Thunderstone, Viikat, Snow Whites Poison Bite, Uniklubi, Villielain, Winterborn, Wintersun, Swallow The Sun, Napalm Syndicate,

So I think you can gather from this list that I LOVE FINNISH METAL!!!