Saturday, 14 August 2010

Poem: "At The End Of The World"

Sitting here,
At the end of the world,
Sea lapping the shore
Can I ask for more?

I feel closer to you
When I write,
Tho you are miles away
Who's to say

When I will see you
Soon or late?
All I see I think of you
All I do.

Are you doing the same?
Oh lifes little game!
Keeping us apart,
Lovelorn Heart.

The wind is singing
The breeze is bringing,
But I take not
For what have they got?

The sun is shining
I feel, but dont see.
You are not here
With me.

Your words warm my day
And calm my night,
But you are away
My lungs are tight.

The meds dont work
My lungs still hurt,
My heart is numb
For you cannot come.