Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Graveyards and Hope

I know that most people are going to disagree with this, but I dont care - this is what I think lol.

I think for most people when they visit a graveyard or cemetary, it is usually only because they feel they have to. Mostly what they see in there is death and decay, so they do what they have to do and get out as soon as they can. There are very few people who find being in a graveyard a comfortable, or dare I say it, pleasant experience.

It is different for me. I find them peaceful and not at all uncomfortable. When I am on my own I sometimes like to find a shaded corner of our local cemetary and write or read. Rarely in London especially will you find anywhere else out in the open that is as quiet as a graveyard is. I can think with a clear head there, and I have had some of my best ideas there.  When I am in a graveyard looking out over row upon row of stones, what I see is Hope. Row upon row, acre upon acre of  hope.  All of those people buried in there have died with hope in their hearts; Hope for a better life "beyond the veil", Hope for a rest, Hope for a chance to do it all again; to be a better person this time, to treat others a little better (a noble hope I think).

I think it is too easy to see what is obvious.  Certainly there is death - one would at least *ahem*- 'hope' that the people buried there actually died before they were buried after all, and there is decay - unless they have been molested 'post- mortem' by time travelling ancient egyptian priests, but that is not all there is. For me at least, graveyards are often the most peaceful, still, and hopeful places.

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WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

A quite place to put thoughts onto paper
And to ponder philosophies of life.
A garden of Eden to meet their maker?
Away from needless suffering and strife.

A quite place is a nice place, and cemetaries often have lots of angels watching over you! Thank you. Take care. Bye.